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Arxus was founded to help small and mid-size companies use the Web as an effective marketing and communications tool. Our mission is to help our clients build smart websites that deliver solid results.

Arxus interview on CJWW Radio

Arxus founder Greg Paulhus talks with Neil Billinger on CJWW's Canola Connection radio show about the new SaskCanola website, the planning and design process, inventing a custom CMS, and helping clients tell their story through their websites. Greg also talks about growing up on a farm, his newspaper industry roots, and moving back to the farm where Greg operates Arxus, a Saskatoon website development company.

One note of clarification: While Arxus is a Saskatoon based web company, Greg lives just outside of Kindersley on an acreage, serving clients in Saskatoon and across western Canada (in the interview Neil refers to Arxus as being based in Kindersley).

We help our clients plan, create and manage smart websites that provide a powerful competitive advantage and deliver a solid return on investment. We can help you improve your existing website.

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We've been creating successful websites since 1995, pretty much since the birth of the Web as a marketing medium. We bring a great deal of talent and experience to each project we take on.

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For smaller budget projects we use turnkey platforms to create websites for our clients. Turnkey platforms like Squarespace, Shopify, Picatic, and others can be a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck.

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