What We Do

At Arxus, we help our clients plan, create and manage smart websites that provide a powerful competitive advantage and deliver a solid return on investment. We can help you improve your existing website.

Our Work


Most of our work falls into three categories: One, affordable websites using turnkey platforms. Two, custom design/build website projects. Three, content and website management. We also do some pure planning and consulting work, helping companies with strategy decisions or the creation of a comprehensive Web Plan. If you think your website could be improved, get in touch and we'll chat about it (306-934-7443 or click to email Greg Paulhus).

Arxus SmartSite


In all our work we use the Arxus SmartSite framework, a modular development system that makes use of proper planning, proven information architectures, quality content development, solid design, sound usability principles, and standards-based web applications. The short version is that our SmartSite is a lot like a pre-engineered building. The basic structure and method of construction are systemized which speeds assembly and lowers costs, but there is lots of room for custom planning and features to meet the different needs of any business or organization. We use the SmartSite framework in all projects large or small, and as a key part of our planning and consulting work.

  • Average Price Range: $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Good for small and mid-size businesses that don't need custom web apps.
  • Also useful for quick and inexpensive microsites for one off campaigns, events, contests (microsites can be less than $2,000).

The phrase "turnkey platform" refers to web products and services that use templates or themes to create websites quickly. These types of platforms provide a lot of built in functionality and the template design or theme is layered on top of that functionality. A turnkey platform is a good way to get a lot of bang for your buck. Depending on the project one platform may be a better choice than another. We recommend Squarespace for most small and mid-size business websites, but Shopify is a better choice for a pure ecommerce site. If you're focused on promoting events and selling tickets then a platform like Picatic makes more sense. There are many more turnkey platforms. We help our clients figure out which one is the best fit.

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  • Average Price Range: $10,000 to $30,000 and up.
  • Good for any size business that needs custom web apps to deliver a solid ROI.
  • Also useful for businesses or organizations that require custom design due to specific marketing or communications needs.

A custom design/build website costs more because there is a lot more work involved when you do true custom work. The planning process is deeper and results in a detailed Web Plan for the project. The design work normally takes anywhere from a few days to a week (sometimes more on complex projects). Then you have to organize, create, and edit the necessary content for the website, which also takes a few days minimum. Next you have the coding work, which includes a responsive layout for mobile devices. Finally you have the programming which ties in the back end content management system. A successful custom website takes time and effort, and will deliver a great return on investment.

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  • Pay as you go or a monthly fee for a set amount of work.
  • Good for any size business that wants to outsource all or some of the work of content or site management (including social media, analytics, and more).
  • Also helps free up person hours within a company to focus on higher value work.

A good website is all about the content, it helps you tell your story and speak to your customers (and potential customers). Social media is also driven by content, and when done well social sites can be very effective. The key is to regularly deliver content that is valuable and meaningful to your target audience. We can help your company with some of that work, or take care of all of it for you. The other key factor related to content is website analytics. It is very important to know how your website and social sites are performing, how people are interacting with your overall web presence, how many visitors you receive, and more. This information helps shape your web presence and the content you deliver to your audience.

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