20 Years of Work

Greg Paulhus, President and founder of Arxus, has been creating successful websites since 1995. That's a lot of experience as a Web Strategist, considering that the World Wide Web was only invented in 1991, the first consumer web browser (Netscape) was launched in late 1994, and Yahoo.com didn't launch until 1995.

1995 - 2005


  • Yahoo.com is launched, gets one hundred thousand visitors per day.
  • There are about twenty thousand websites on the Internet.
  • Greg Paulhus is working as a production manager in the newspaper industry and produces one of Canada's first newspaper websites.


  • The domain name, tv.com, sells for fifteen thousand dollars (US).
  • Greg starts his own web development company and produces websites for a number of clients, including online annual reports for two multi-million dollar corporations.
  • Greg begins publishing an online magazine with regularly updated personal commentary and links, before the terms 'web log' or 'blog' are invented.


  • There are now one million websites on the Internet.
  • Greg's design work in the newspaper industry wins a number of provincial and national awards, including Best All Around Newspaper and Best Advertising Idea.
  • Greg partners with one of Canada's top web technology firms, opens their Saskatchewan branch, and builds some of the first database-driven websites with complete content management systems in Canada.


  • Google.com launches with three staff in a space attached to a garage. The new search engine gets ten thousand search requests per day.
  • Greg uses his newspaper experience and launches SaskNews, a dynamic news website that brings together many Saskatchewan community newspapers on the Internet. The site is the first of its kind in Canada, gets national press coverage, and even wins a few awards.
  • Greg is producing numerous websites with advanced content management systems, allowing clients easy point and click control of their websites.


  • The domain name, business.com, sells for $7.5 million (US).
  • Greg produces the first professional website for Cover-All Building Systems, complete with a private dealer support site. The site helps Cover-All expand into export markets worldwide.
  • Greg produces inoculants.com for Philom Bios, the world's first interactive website dedicated to educating the agricultural sector about crop inoculants. In the first year of the site's operation, sales at Philom Bios increase 40 percent to a record all-time high.


  • Over eight billion email messages are sent worldwide.
  • The technology firm Greg works with as a senior strategist is ranked by the National Post Business Magazine as one of the top ten web firms in Canada.
  • Greg produces an online information portal for the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association. The site features a number of custom database-driven web applications which give farmers all over the world access to a wealth of information about pulse crops.


  • Internet use in Canada and the United States passes the fifty percent mark. People who don't use the Internet are now in the minority.
  • Greg begins working on the concept of the SmartSite, a better way of planning and creating websites. The SmartSite is the culmination of many years of experience building top level web projects. The SmartSite framework also integrates concepts and ideas from the many manufacturing clients Greg has worked with, the profession of architecture, and Greg's award-winning experience as a production manager in the newspaper industry.


  • Blogs are becoming popular with mainstream Internet users, there are close to one million blogs online.
  • Greg starts a new company, Arxus, to develop the SmartSite concept and help small and mid-size companies improve their websites.
  • One of Greg's first SmartSite clients is not a small business at all, but rather a multi-billion dollar global corporation in need of extensive web planning and strategy work. The SmartSite framework delivers exactly what the client needs and passes its first very big test with flying colors.


  • Apple launches the iTunes Music Store, offering legal music downloads at 99 cents per song. The iTunes service grows quickly, becoming the world's top online music service with over 70 percent market share.
  • Greg continues to develop and improve the Arxus SmartSite. His clients are some of Saskatchewan's top companies and organizations, including: CEG Energy, ROCY Homes, Sawyer's Trees & Landscapes, the Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association, and more.


  • Google.com gets 138,000 search requests per minute in 90 languages.
  • Demand for the Arxus SmartSite and related products continues to grow. Clients include: Assante Financial Management, Braid Flooring, Venmar CES, Humboldt Electric, Scharfstein Law, and more.
  • Greg works with Quadrant Newmedia on the SmartSite Content Management System, which incorporates Greg's own concept of Smart Content Objects.
  • Greg organizes a roundtable discussion between the Honourable Andrew Thomson, Minister of Learning and leading Saskatchewan technology companies. The discussion provides the Minister with constructive input on how the private sector can help the Department of Learning with services, innovations and technologies.


  • There are now over 60 million websites on the Internet.
  • Greg writes four e-business guides for the federal government as part of an initiative to deliver useful e-business information to the small businesss community across Canada.
  • Saskatchewan turns 100 years old, and Greg Paulhus celebrates 10 years as a Web Strategist.

2006 - 2015


  • Facebook opens to the general public and social media goes mainstream.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: website and creation of company name for Pronto Airways, Board Dynamics, Northern Enterprise Fund, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, IWL Steel, ENGCOMP, and more.
  • Arxus and Quadrant Newmedia expand the capabilities of the custom SmartSite CMS with a complex database-driven website for Saskatchewan Pulse Growers.


  • Apple launches the iPhone and kickstarts the mobile Internet.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: Saskatchewan Legal Education Society, Community Futures Saskatchewan, new expanded site for CEG Energy, ProjectLine Solutions, Dean McNeill (Canadian trumpet player and composer), Canola Council of Canada, and more.
  • The website Arxus created for the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers wins a gold medal at the Canadian Farm Writers and Broadcasters Awards.


  • The Internet and social media change politics forever, sparking Barack Obama's successful campaign.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: Grasslands Group, SmartHire.ca, Knowledge Impact in Society (University of Saskatchewan), University of Saskatchewan Students' Union, Rockwood Developments, Family Service Saskatoon, and more.
  • Greg continues to expand and improve the SmartSite framework, including more depth in planning and content work, and new features for the SmartSite CMS.


  • There are over 230 million websites on the Internet, and 90 trillion (with a T) emails were sent in 2009.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: Stuart Kasdorf Photographics, AgMPower, Canada-Ukraine Centre, MPT Mustard Products & Technologies, Bridgepoint Business Brokers, and more.
  • Greg works with CanolaInfo.org to create a social media strategy, and within a few weeks website traffic increases dramatically.


  • Apple releases the iPad, the mobile revolution continues to chug along at a rapid pace.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: Learning to See Consulting, new consumer awareness site for Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, Precision Electro Mechanical, Yellowhead Wood Products, Branch Corner Supply, and more.
  • Greg creates a new website for St. Paul's Hospital and the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, powered by the latest version of the SmartSite CMS and a new generation of Smart Content Objects.


  • There are now more than 2 billion Internet users worldwide.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: new site for MPT Mustard Products & Technologies, a Spanish language website for CanolaInfo, expansion of consumer website for Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, and more.
  • Greg creates a new website for Braid Flooring which incorporates social media, an online magazine, and many innovative design features.


  • Facebook now has one billion users.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: Regency Advisory Corporation, Gardener for the Prairies magazine, new site for SaskCanola powered by the SmartSite CMS, new site for IWL Steel, and more.
  • Greg works on applying the SmartSite framework to turnkey website projects, testing and evaluating platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and others.


  • There are almost 700 million websites on the Internet.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: new site for Sawyer's Trees & Landscapes, detailed Web Plan for Martin’s Produce Sales, ROCY Homes, Scharfstein Gibbings Walen Fisher LLP, Stewart Gee & Associates, addition of interactive data elements to SaskCanola website, and more.
  • Greg works on the design and structure of a secure document portal used by many thousands of corporate employees to track training and efficiency.


  • Microsoft falls to just 14 percent share of total computing devices, the mobile revolution is just that big.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: new site for Bridgepoint Business Brokers, Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, Flax Council of Canada, Aircom Instrumentation, and more.
  • Greg creates a SmartSite CMS powered website for Eagle Feather News, and invents a new method of integrating and presenting ads in a newspaper website. The new website and advertising model has allowed Eagle Feather News to extend their reach and connect with their audience in the 21st century. The new and improved ads generate conversion rates many times greater than the industry average.


  • Mobile Internet users are now the majority of Internet users.
  • Arxus SmartSite work includes: new site for Banda Marketing group, ecommerce site for Mile 84 Press, design and planning work for Sharma Vision Institute, new site design and information widget concept for CanolaInfo, new site for Tierra Del Sol and BlackFox Spirits, and more.
  • Greg creates a custom obituary database and responsive website for Saskatoon Funeral Home. The site works great on mobile devices, and the obituary database allows Saskatoon Funeral Home to easily add funeral and service information, including photo galleries and live streaming video. Readers can also leave condolence messages right on the website.
  • Liquid water found on Mars, and Greg Paulhus celebrates 20 years as a Web Strategist.