Content and Website Management

A Quick Introduction

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  • Pay as you go or a monthly fee for a set amount of work.
  • Good for any size business that wants to outsource all or some of the work of content or site management (including social media, analytics, and more).
  • Also helps free up person hours within a company to focus on higher value work.

A good website is all about the content, it helps you tell your story and speak to your customers (and potential customers). Social media is also driven by content, and when done well social sites can be very effective.

The key is to regularly deliver content that is valuable and meaningful to your target audience.

We can help your company with some of that work, or take care of all of it for you. The other key factor related to content is website analytics. It is very important to know how your website and social sites are performing, how people are interacting with your overall web presence, how many visitors you receive, and more. This information helps shape your web presence and the content you deliver to your audience.

A few examples of content and management work


Greg Paulhus, founder of Arxus, is also a writer (with an advanced English B.A.). This gives Greg a unique perspective when it comes to creating content. Greg has done quite a bit of content work over the years. Here are a few examples which shows the kind of work Greg can help clients with.

  • Creation of company names: Pronto Airways, IWL Steel, Bridgepoint Business Brokers, Harmony Souls, Mile 84 Press, and more.
  • Writing website content: Created bios of key staff members, wrote Project Showcase articles, and created the project profile format for Humboldt Electric Ltd.
  • Creation of marketing messages and slogans: "Where Good Things Happen" (for the City of Yorkton), "It's your life, Mark your Milestones" (for Stuart Kasdorf Photographics), "A Braid floor is for Life" and "Style for Life" (for Braid Flooring), "Helping you grow" (for Philom Bios), "People need architecture" (for Saskatchewan Association of Architects), and more.
  • Writing educational and training materials: Created four e-business guides for the federal government as part of an initiative to deliver useful e-business information to the small business community across Canada.
  • Social media: Helping clients learn to use social media appropriately and effectively.
  • SEO: Helping clients tailor content for search engine optimization.

If you think your business could benefit from some help with content creation or website management, get in touch and we'll talk about it (306-934-7443 or click to email Greg Paulhus).