Custom Design/Build Website Projects

A Quick Introduction

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  • Average Price Range: $10,000 to $30,000 and up.
  • Good for any size business that needs custom web apps to deliver a solid ROI.
  • Also useful for businesses or organizations that require custom design due to specific marketing or communications needs.

A custom design/build website costs more because there is a lot more work involved when you do true custom work. The planning process is deeper and results in a detailed Web Plan for the project. Planning can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more.

Planning is always important but in a custom design/build project it is critical.

The design work normally takes anywhere from a few days to a week (sometimes more on complex projects). Then you have to organize, create, and edit the necessary content for the website, which also takes a few days minimum. Next you have the coding work, which includes a responsive layout for mobile devices. Finally you have the programming which ties in the back end content management system. A successful custom website takes time and effort, and will deliver a great return on investment.

Value and Return on Investment


The good news is a custom website, when properly planned, designed, and developed, delivers a great return on investment. The websites we create normally pay for themselves in the first year by facilitating the growth of new business, lowering the overall cost of marketing and communications, and through productivity gains.

A good website pays for itself, it is an investment with a return, never a cost.

A few examples of recent custom design/build work


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Plan. Create. Manage.


These are the three key stages in the life of a successful web project. Ignoring any one of the three key stages will hurt your website’s performance and its chances for long term success. Think of building a house. First you plan a house that meets your needs. Then you build or create the house. Finally you make sure you maintain or manage the house so it will last for years and meet your needs in the future.

In every stage we use the Arxus SmartSite Framework, a modular development system that makes use of proper planning, proven information architectures, quality content development, solid design, sound usability principles, and standards-based web applications.

Our SmartSite Framework improves the quality and efficiency of any website project.

SmartSite Content Management System


For our custom work we use the SmartSite Content Management System, developed in partnership with our primary technical partner Quadrant Newmedia. We created our own CMS because the content systems we've worked with didn't meet the needs of our custom design/build projects. The SmartSite Content Management System allows clients to edit their websites quickly and easily, directly while browsing the site (when they are securely logged in of course). The SmartSite CMS is hosted by Quadrant on secure, high performance, highly reliable UNIX servers. The content that populates the website is stored in a relational database, fully open source (your content is never locked into a proprietary format) and fully ACID-compliant, a hallmark of the top few relational database management systems in the world, including Oracle.

The short version is that our CMS is very high end, and very secure.